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Secrets to Genuine Happiness
March 26, 2013

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Table of Contents

This issue is devoted to happiness. The April Fool’s Day is on April 1st. Other notable April events include Humorous Day on April 19th and Hug a Friend on April 26th.

Top 5 Quotes About Happiness

Video - Learned Optimism

Let's Celebrate!

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Tools for a Happy Life

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Top 5 Quotes About Happiness

Learn the secrets to happiness by reviewing these inspiring quotes, thoughts, and posters.

Below is a collection of inspiring quotes about happiness.

1. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases from being shared. ~ Buddha

Thousands of Candles
Thousands of...

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If you seek to increase your happiness, seek to make others happy. Do you remember the last time you put a smile on another person’s face? Do you remember how good it made you feel? Now go out and spread some joy in the world.

2. Happiness is:

Acting on your dreams.
Building bridges not walls.
Common sense and moderation.
Disposition not circumstance.
Embracing optimism.
Feeling what you do matters.
Giving more than receiving.
Having good friends.
Inside you, not “out there”.
Job well done.
Knowing when to let go.
Living within your means.
Making the world a better place.
Not going to bed angry.
Optional, and so is misery.
Progress, not perfection.
Quality of your thoughts.
Realistic expectations.
Sharing love and laughter.
Today well lived.
Unbridled enthusiasm.
Vintage memories.
Whatever makes your heart sing.
eXuberance for your existence.
Your choice: if not now, When?
Zzzz’s, a good night’s sleep.
~ Unknown Author

Happiness Is
Happiness Is

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This alphabet of happiness will put you on your way to happiness… long before you reach the end of the alphabet. Enjoy! Start at the beginning or just put one that strikes you and get started ; -)

3. Don’t worry… be happy! ~ Meher Baba

Alex Rinesch (Don't Worry Be Happy, Sugar) Art Poster Print
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This quote is by Meher Baba, an Indian spiritual master who claimed to an incarnation of God.

His 1925 quote "Don't Worry, Be Happy", became well known after appearing in a song by Bobby McFerrin, reflects Meher Baba's teaching that all human experience reflects God's divine plan, and that in the end all will become united with God.

4. Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it!
~ Bernard Meltzer

Brent Mcrae
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I like this quote because it is so true. What makes a kiss so enjoyable? It is the sharing of a beautiful experience with another. So it is with happiness. Now go out and find someone to share happiness (and a kiss) with.

5. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ~ Gandhi

Elizabeth Medley
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Living a life of integrity and living a life that is in harmony with your values is a key to happiness.

For more great quotes on Happiness, see:

Video – Learned Optimism

Brian Johnson, the founder of the Philosopher’s Notes, presents a 10 minute video on the key points of book "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman.

Whenever you need a quick motivational video, check out my 3-Minute Motivational Videos page.

Let's Celebrate!

I’m one who is always looking for reasons to celebrate. Here are some known and little known reasons to celebrate in April!

Did you know that the month of April has been deemed as National Humor month.

Monthly Observances in the month of April:

National Humor Month

Stress Awareness Month

Weekly Observances in the month of April:

3rd Week - Week of the Young Child

Special Days in April to Celebrate:

4/1/13 – April Fool’s Day - check out the April Fool's Day Quotes & Jokes
4/3/13 – Find a Rainbow Day
4/7/13 – No Housework Day
4/8/13 – Zoo Lover’s Day
4/10/13 – National Sibling Day – check out the following:

4/13/13 - Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday – born in 1743
4/14/13 – Reach as High as You Can Day
4/15/13 – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday – born in 1452
4/16/13 – National Stress Awareness Day
4/18/13 – Pet Owner’s Day
4/19/13 – Humorous Day - check out the following pages:
4/22/13 - Earth Day
4/23/13 – William Shakespeare’s Birthday – born in 1564
4/25/13 – Take our Daughters to Work Day – 4th Thursday of April
4/26/13 – Hug a Friend Day - Check out Friend Quotes
4/28/13 - Poetry Reading Day - check out Inspirational Poems
4/30/13 – National Honesty Day - Check out our Honesty Quotes

I hope some of these reasons to celebrate make you smile.

I don't know about you, but I'm celebrating Hug a Friend Day, because I love getting the “warm fuzzies”.

Often times, it is life's simplest pleasures that are remembered with the greatest fondness.

If you still are looking for a reason to celebrate… just remember:

“You can celebrate each and every day of your life
for no reason at all because life is precious
and worthy of being celebrated.”
~ Linda Lovejoy

What's New

This last month I’ve been busy creating new pages and updating pages on my site that include:

April Fools Quotes & Jokes Nice collection of April Fools Day quotes and jokes. Learn about the history of April Fool’s Day. Be amazed by 10 best April Fool’s Day hoaxes. Be prepared to execute your own April Fool’s day pranks on those close to you.

Happiness Quotes – Nice collection of quotes about happiness from world renowned sages and not so famous philosophers.

Learned Optimism – Yes, optimism can be learned! Learn how your explanatory style can affect your level of optimism. There are 3 great videos to assist you with developing an optimistic outlook on life.

Tools for a Happy Life

Find out how optimistic you currently are. You can take a FREE Optimist test by registering for free and taking the Optimist Test located at the following website:

Don’t worry if your scores are not as high as you would like. You can learn optimism by being conscious of your current explanatory style and changing that style to become more optimistic. You can use the ABCDE Model to assist you in this process. Buy and read Learned Optimism for a more complete guide in assisting you in becoming an optimist.

After you have practiced Learned Optimism for a month, go back and re-test yourself to track your progress.

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See you next month!

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