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Why I Like Poetry

"A fellow asked me if I like the Prose.

I said the Poetry attracts me more.

I started thinking if I should disclose

What I abhor, and things that I adore

I could envision: Love, Deep Night, Ashore,

Of course, engrossing passions ardent swirl

But who didn't limn poetical Amor?

And who will read such 'literature pearl'?

Thus, in the end my doubts have made my feelings curl.

This issue touched my soul, and jogged my brain

To answer many questions to myself.

I have to grasp what good can I attain,

What is beyond my skills, what's on the shelf

Shall I remain a spiritual elf,

A gremlin yielding nothing but bad luck?

Should learn my own inside or coolly shelve?

Am I a buck, or I can run amuck?

Shall I pass life's exam, or wait for spin and pluck?

To make my choice of style, in which to write,

Is similar to having thrown the dice:

What stripe a zebra starts from: black or white?

But how to find from where the verses rise?

They say the prose is easier for lies

Because there are no rhymes to set constraints.

You still can look into the people eyes,

And be not blushing for your crazy paints

You might be using with no ethical restraints.

Because of Right of Speech, you're free to spin

The truth, the facts, whatever you prefer.

You may completely fill your prose with sin,

And still, despite all dirt, meet no demur.

Or you can choose some neutral themes to purr.

I spent a lot of time to make my choice

From many styles that can create a stir,

Attract the public to my tone of voice:

From now, the verses are the style I might rejoice.

Do verses mean poetic love? Of course!

But should they be romantic only? No!

They'd be politicized with no remorse,

Or word-paint summer rain and winter snow.

The strings of words let me apply my bow

To play the tunes more rich than you'd expect.

Oh, such prodigious range from wow to woe!

I hope there are no themes my tunes neglect.

But if I fail, can then my heart be deeper wrecked?

The poems are a mix of art and craft.

If they miss art, then craft just hammers out

The lines of verse with rhymes a brush-like daft.

I know my piece sounds not like Schubert's 'Trout',

But hopefully it's yet above a flout.

I tell you: writing stanze is a cloak

To hide the fact I'm sour like sauerkraut.

What kind of feelings can my tongue evoke?

Don't blame me, this my verse is nothing but a joke!"

~ Constantine Ivanov

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