Over the Hill Party

Celebrate that landmark birthday with an over the hill party. Great party ideas complete with invitations, decorations and props, games, gift ideas.

I had so many quotes appropriate for the Over-the-Hill Party Theme, but I've narrowed it down the the following 3 quotes:

You know you're getting old when
all the names in your black book have M.D. after them.
~ Arnold Palmer

As you get older three things happen.
The first is your memory goes,
and I can't remember the other two.
~ Sir Norman Wisdom

I'm at an age when my back goes out more than I do.
~ Phyllis Diller


BUY Invitation for HIM.

BUY Invitation for HER.

The invitations for an Over-the-Hill party should make some reference to the physical decline that happens as a person is "over the hill".

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Decorations and Props

Usher your favorite birthday boy or girl into old age with the Inflatable Walker. The Inflatable Walker is bright, colorful and covered with jokes and a working panic button.

The walker looks great in photos and will make any gathering into a laughfest.

The Over the Hill Bedpan Snack Tray is pretty gross, and that's why it's so great! Serve any snack you desire in the Bedpan Snack Tray, like chips or popcorn.

If I were you, I probably wouldn't serve Tootsie Rolls in it. Or maybe I would. There are lots of creative ways you can make the Bedpan Party Tray as disgusting and hilarious as possible.

What Over the Hill party would be complete without the Rest in Peace Tombstones?

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You can have a standard menu like you would for any party like a meat and cheese party tray to make sandwiches.

Then add a few items just to rub in the point that they are an "old fart" by serving the following:

  • baby food in the jar with baby spoons
  • Prune juice in shot glasses

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These great tasting cookies are just perfect for an over-the-hill party.

They also serve as a table decoration that is latter used as part of the party food festivities.

Old Buzzard
Over the Hill
Older than Dirt

Just enter the title of the Cookie display you want to order
in the search box located on Cookies by Design site.

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Over the Hill Games

Over the Hill Bingo

This Bingo game is pre-filled with all those hysterical reminders of getting older, like trifocals and dentures.

You Might Be Older Than Dirt

You just might be older than dirt if you know the answers to these trivia questions! A must-play for any Over-the-Hill party.

Answer key included.

Over the Hill Decade Decoder

Here's the game that will have even the history buffs scrambling to be the first to finish! Who will know which decade 'Streaking' was a fad, or when the board game 'Monopoly' was introduced?

Great game to play individually; but if you have mixed ages, break them up into teams and let the youngsters learn a little about the decades!

What song is "It's past the expected time" referring to anyway?

Answer key included.

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Play Over the Hill music like:

  • "Another One Bites the Dust"
  • the "Funeral March"
  • "Tapps"
  • along with the Oldies but Goodies classics.

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Over the Hill Gifts

The Over-the-Hill Coffin Gift Set combines 6 great Over the Hill birthday gifts in one hilarious set.

The Coffin Gift Set comes in a small, black cardboard coffin, reminding the recipient of just how old they really are.

Inside, the over the hill birthday person will find:

• A can of Anti-Aging Spray
• Over-the-Hill Prune Juice
• A birthday button
• Over-the-Hill Happy Tablets
• A bright, confetti decorated mug
• Extra Strength Anti Aging Soap

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