#11- Creative Vision

by Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich"

Creative Vision is the 11th Success Principle presented by Napoleon Hill.

Creativity and imagination is the success principle which is responsible for building of all of plans, aims, and purposes.

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Imagination Defined

2 Forms of Imagination

Examples of Synthetic Imagination

Examples of Creative Imagination

Examples of Synthetic and Creative Imagination

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Imagination Defined:

Imagination is the workshop where we fashion the purpose of our brain and the ideals of our soul.

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2 Forms of Imagination:

1. Synthetic – consists of organizing and putting together recognized ideas, concepts, and facts arranged in a new combination. Very seldom does someone put together something new, it’s usually a combination of something old.

2. Creative Imagination – operates through the 6th sense and has its base in the subconscious section of the brain. It is how new ideas are revealed. The best ideas are yet to be revealed.

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Examples of Synthetic Imagination:

1. Thomas Edison incandescent lamp is an example of synthetic imagination because it used two well known principles in a new combination.

2. Clarence Saunders borrowed the concept of a self-serve cafeteria plan and applied it to the grocery business to create the Piggly Wiggly chain of retail grocery stores. He made over 4 million dollars in the first 4 years after this concept was introduced.

3. Henry Ford combined the concept of a horse and carriage and steam propelled flashing machine to create a new form of transportation.

4. The combination of chocolate, ice cream and a stick gave birth to the Eskimo Pie.

5. F. W. Woolworth setup a retail store which carried a large variety of merchandise retailing at 5¢ and 10¢ per item that was offered to the public. This started a series of similar retail stores.

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Examples of Creative Imagination:

The following are examples of Creative Imagination because it was a totally new idea:

1. Edison and the phonograph

2. Senor Marconi and wireless communication

3. Madame Curry and discovery of radium

4. Robert G. LeTourneau and dirt removing machinery

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Example of Both
Synthetic and Creative Imagination:

1. Wilbur and Orville Wright used both creative and synthetic develop the modern airplane.

Remember: Imagination is a trait that becomes alert only by constant action based on the success principles presented in this series. You are the one who must supply this action.

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