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Self-discipline is the 6th principle associated with the Master Key of Success outlined by Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich".

Discipline allows you to master negative habits while more importantly developing positive habits.

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Important Areas Where Discipline is Necessary

Famous People and Discipline

Self-Control Benefits

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Important Areas Where Discipline is Necessary

1. To gain mastery over your tongue. Think before you speak.

2. To master the common tendency to strike out at another person. Remember, every thought or act that benefits or injuries another person comes back to you in kind greatly multiplied.

3. To gain control over our emotions, particularly: love, hate, fear, sex.

4. To direct our mental attitude positively. Remember, a negative mental attitude drives away friends, destroys opportunities, brings on physical/mental illness, and makes peace of mind impossible.

5. Sex heads list of all the causes for personal failure. The proper means of self-discipline of the emotion of sex is transmutation, a method of channeling sexual desires towards the attainment of worthy goals such as fulfillment of one’s major life purpose. The great leaders, artists, orators, industrialists, and professionals have learned the art of sex transmutation through the proper system of self-control.

6. Self-denial is necessary in regards to your stomach through the proper habits of fasting and dieting. Seek assistance through your doctor.

7. Tolerance is necessary in relation to religion and politics, as our country is made up with people of various beliefs in both of these subjects. Live and let live.

8. It is of utmost importance to take possession of your own mind.

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Famous People and Discipline

Self-discipline allows people to push through barriers and become successes. Self-discipline assisted these famous people as follows:

Thomas Edison was met with failure over 10,000 times before inventing the incandescent lamp, but he kept on persevering. This consistent discipline made him one of the world’s greatest inventors.

Wilbur and Orville Wright disciplined themselves through multiple failures to be able to develop the first practical airplane.

Helen Keller’s determination allowed her to triumph over deafness, blindness, and dumbness.

Napoleon Hill years of focused-discipline allowed him to push through years of heartache, discouragement, and defeat to bring the world the first practical philosophy of success.

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Self-Control Benefits

• Transmutes sorrow into faith

• Transmutes hatred into sympathy

• Allows you to find a seed an equivalent benefit in every adversity

• Shuts out of your mind the deadly effects of past experiences of suffering

• Allows you to discover the other self which has a great capacity for belief and does not become influenced by failure or defeat

• Frees oneself from the fear of death

• Frees oneself from the disease of hypochondria

• Frees oneself from fears and limitations

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