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A pleasing personality is considered one of your most important assets.

Your personality determines whether people are attracted to you or shy away from you. It is the one thing that distinguishes you from all other people. It is your trademark and determines your success or failure in life.

It is important to see your personality just as others see it, so you may improve it as needed. The good news is that you have complete control over your personality.

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Most Important Traits of a Pleasant Personality

Negative Habits Destroy a Pleasant Personality

It Pays to Have a Pleasing Personality

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Most Important Traits of a Pleasant Personality

1. Mental attitude must be positive.

2. Flexibility of your mental attitude. You can control your reactions to other people.

3. Control and direct your enthusiasm.

4. Sincerity of purpose. Can’t be faked.

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Negative Habits Destroy a Pleasant Personality

1. Breaking in and running away with conversation.

2. Sarcasm expressed by insinuations and wise cracks.

3. Vanity express either by words or actions.

4. Indifference in listening. Be a good listening rather than a good talker.

5. Attempt to flatter where flattery is not deserved.

6. Habit of finding faults of the world at large and people in general.

7. Openly and directly challenging people.

8. Volunteering unsolicited advice. Free advice is considered to be worth just what is cost which is nothing but the patience to listen.

9. Habits of speaking of physical ailments and personal worries.

10. Conveying an impression of superiority through use of words and topics unfamiliar to others.

11. Envy of those who are successful. Generous, sympathetic, and joyous of the good fortune of others.

12. Slovenliness. While clothing does not make the person, but it is a good start.

If you are not liked by other people, you may be sure there is a reason you can detect and correct. There’s no reason for one person to dislike another without a cause.

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It Pays to Have a Pleasing Personality

A pleasing attitude stands at the head of the list of assets which makes someone truly rich.

Andrew Carnegie paid his right hand man, Charles M. Schwab, $75,000 a year for the services he rendered directly, but often gave Charles a year-end bonus of a million dollars for influence he exerted on associate workers because of his pleasing personality.

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